We are a flexible business activity and consultant space.

We host multiple consultants who each maintain a deep focus on their own area of expertise.

Together, as a team, we can service many business needs that may, or may not traditionally have their own staff positions in a large company.

Beaumont Communications Group

Lead with the Individual

Hopefully, your introduction to BCG and our services started with 1-on-1 contact with one of our professional consultants. This person will be much more than simply a business consultant, but also a co-worker who grows to understand your business needs, yet who also has access to the broader team and resources of BCG.

We break for space launches!

Yup! Our office has a big projector where we stream every rocket launch we can find. We look to space, and the human exploration of it, as a source of inspiration. We believe them to an outstanding example of what an inspired team can accomplish together.

Optimization opportunities

One of our differentiated focus areas is "General administrative workload overflow support". For a consulting team that specializes in bringing business solutions to fruition, why should we seek out the ‘grunt work?’ Because, this work is revealing, and often indicates where and how we can best place an efficient process solution that brings further value to your organization.

Beaumont Communications Group's focus areas

  • SharePoint design, development & training
  • Graphics, including video editing motion graphics
  • CMS website content management (Wordpress, Drupal, SiteGrounds, etc.)
  • Website Design and SEO
  • Social media campaign design and management
  • Legacy PERL software support
  • Photography and videography
  • General administrative workload overflow support
  • Communications tools
  • Event planning and guest list management
Team Office

Corporate Collaborative Communication

Team focused publishing tool for syndicating a consistent message across various media channels (email, web pages, and social media.)

Event Management Solution

Automate event coordination, registration and guest lists, and gain insight into your event attendance.

Mobile Construction Services

On site construction services for film, television and special events.

Beaumont Homes
Residential General Contracting

Residential construction and general contracting services survicing Southern Ontario.

OnOrbit Studio
Multiuse Production Studio

A 1000 sq/ft studio space in Toronto aimed at providing a low-cost option for photo/video or set design and construction activities.

Cube Units
Secure Storage Locations

Temporary self-service storage facilities located in Toronto and Markham.

Contact us

Let us answer any questions you may have, we're friendly, and will be happy to help!